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Exterior facing heavy-duty stainless-steel faceplate, and using aluminum for the interior chute and housing. Please see the installation instructions under the specification tab for more information as this unit requires assembly.
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KwikDrop ThruWall Features


Exterior facing heavy-duty stainless-steel faceplate with aluminum grade aluminum for the interior chute and housing.

Locking Method

Easy to operate KwikLock System allows locking and unlocking of the depository door with a simple push or pull knob.

Theft Deterrence

The upward angle of the external shroud, length of the internal slide chute, and the AirBloc system prevent reaching inside through the depository door and block theft of materials with a claw apparatus. The angle of the external shroud also acts as a deterrent to pouring liquids into the unit.

Blocks air with AirBloc

This ThruWall comes with neoprene rubber panels that help prevent most outside air from entering the building when the depository flap is opened to deposit items. Materials slide through the panels and are slowed down before they fall into a collection bin to minimize the amount of damage to your materials. Please note: Lighter materials may have a difficult time getting past the AirBloc if they aren’t deposited with enough force. This may result in media and very light paperbacks getting stuck in the chute until retrieved or another larger item pushes it through.

Weather Resistance

Angled built-in weather hood shields from rain and snow. The depository door will not blow open in most winds. Caulking on the inside edges of the faceplate and weather stripping around door create increased protection from inclement weather.

Standard Wording Options

Self-adhesive vinyl decal. See website for complete list of available wording options

ADA Compliant

The KwikDrop ThruWall is ADA compliant when properly installed. This unit allows for easy, one handed deposits without having to pull down a door. Simply push the item all the way through the depository flap. High contrast wording is available for those with low vision. We recommend sticking with black or blue for the best visibility. Braille labels are available in “Book Drop,” “Video Drop,” and “Payment Drop” to further help identify the purpose of your ThruWall.

More Information
Weight 17.000000
Type ThruWall
Drop Single
Dimensions 20”W x 17 3⁄16”D x 18 3⁄16”H
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