Outdoor Depositories

24in C-Series Ballot Drop with custom decals

Ballot Drops

Our sister line of depositories, CollectionPoint, has unveiled a new line of ballot drop boxes. Give your residents a convenient place to drop off their ballots during early voting and on election day. See the features of the ballot drops and explore the various models available.

Payment depository close up

Payment Drops

Give people a place to drop off their rent, utility bills, ballots, launch fees, and more with a CollectionPoint secure payment drop box. These payment depositories are an easy way to directly accept envelopes without the wait of the mail system. Offered in three different levels of security so your unit can be as secure as you need it to be.

Beverage container being deposited into recycling container

Trash & Recycling

Garbage is a fact of life. How you collect it is up to you. CollectionPoint offers solutions for outdoor trash and recycling depositories for parks and other city or commercial spaces.