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The ValuStar Thru-Wall is a pre-assembled, one-piece unit so it is easy to install. The Thru-Wall was designed to fit in between 16 on center studs for quick and easy installation. The internal slide is a separate piece that must be hooked into place once the depository is installed. This allows the unit to be installed with appropriate hardware that would be normally blocked by the slide.
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Valustar Thru-Wall Features

Easy to Install

This unit is pre-assembled in one piece making it easy to install. In addition, the unit is size to fit between 16 on center studs so no framing is necessary. Simply cut a rectangular hole and install, just like a wall or window mounted AC unit. It really is that easy. See the specification tab for our installation instructions.

Sustainable Aluminum Construction

This Thru-Wall is all aluminum construction that will never rust. All the aluminum components are made of up to 85% recycled materials.

Locking Cabinet for Security

The ValuStar Thru-Wall comes with a locking depository flap to reduce the risk of theft and tampering. Simply push on the rear of the slide and as it moves forward, it will block the flap from opening.

Theft Deterrence

This unit design includes anti-phishing features. For example, an upward depository angle and long retrieval distances prevents someone from reaching inside and pulling materials out.

Weather Resistant

The ValuStar Thru-Wall includes features to resist weather incursion. The depository flap is recessed into the unit to keep rain out of the unit. If water does make it in, there is a water slide and evacuation drain at the bottom of the face plate to keep water from getting into the building.

Standard Wording Options

You also have the option of custom vinyl wording up to a certain number of characters in your choice of color.

ADA Compliant

ADA compliant when properly installed.

Assembly Required:

The ValuStar is ADA compliant when properly installed. This unit allows for easy, one-handed deposits without having to pull down a door. Braille labels are available to further help identify the purpose of your Thru-Wall.

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Weight 7.840000
Type ThruWall
Dimensions 13.8” D x 18.08” W x 12.23” H
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