V-Series Dualside

Two is better than one! The 4ever ValueStar dualSide V-Series is a unique type of book return system used in libraries where patrons can return library materials from either side of the system! This unit can be used as a drive-up library return, which is a convenient service that allow patrons to return library items quickly and easily without having to leave their vehicles. This unit also can be used as a walk-up return, walk-up library returns are a convenient service that allows patrons to return library items quickly and easily without having to enter the library building.

This particular unit is part of our premium V-Series line that includes extra features. The cabinet door opens with a three-point locking handle system with optional padlock for additional security. Extra-strength pry resistant door with additional material that covers potential pry spots. Full length stainless steel hinged access door Dual cam locks for the depository opening. Click here to see more features.

4ever ValueStar dualSide Features

Two is Better than one.

V-Series DualSide

Two is Better than one.

The 4ever ValueStar dualSide unit is unique in that each side of the unit has its own depository opening, which means more convenience for your patrons. The advantage of a dual side book return is that it allows patrons to return materials without having to walk around the entire system to find the appropriate return slot. This can be especially helpful in busy libraries where multiple patrons may be returning materials at the same time. Dual side also means reduced congestion, lines, and well as increased efficiency for your library.

Security and convenience go hand in hand, for a worry-free experience


Providing professional security in an insecure world.

We take the security of your items seriously. Our outdoor returns are built to be both theft deterrent and vandal resistant. Depository openings and chutes are constructed to prevent thieves from pulling anything out. The unique inter-locking seams prohibit them from being pried apart. Every access door is attached with a full-length piano hinge. The doors are secured with a commercial grade three-point locking system: top bottom and side so you can be confident that it will stay shut.

Versatility at its finest.

Versatile Walk-up Drive-Up Return

Versatility at its finest.

This series is extremely versatile, and can be used for walk-up and drive-up returns. This can work well for strategically placed areas such as a parking lot median. Whether using The Dualside unit as a walk-up return or drive-up return, double the return means double the convenience.

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