S-Series Walk-Up

The S-Series line of outdoor book drops is ideal for use as an ADA compliant walk-up return. It is versatile enough to be put on the curb and used for drive-ups. The S-Series was designed as our entry level unit at a lower point price point with the basic features Kingsley is renowned for. See the difference in our S-Series features below or check out our full list of standard outdoor return features.

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  1. 50 S-Series Outdoor Library Return System
    50 S-Series System
    Outdoor Library System
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    50 S-Series
    Outdoor Library Return
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S-Series Exclusive Features

Three quarter shot of 60 s-series in graphite

Form and Function

Enjoy all of the features of our outdoor units in a sleek design. The S-Series is packed with all of the things that make a Kingsley outdoor return a Kingsley. You get a rust free, all aluminum body, weather resistance, theft deterrence, vandal resistance, fire suppression, ADA compliance when installed correctly, and customization options with a modern look that won’t be an eyesore outside of your beautiful building.

Side view of hood extending from cabinet

Compact hood design

The S-Series depository opening protrudes slightly from the body of the unit and is fully accessible from all sides. In addition to giving the entire unit a smaller footprint, this also makes it easier for walk-up deposits as it allows for deposits to be made from a variety of angles.