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Ergonomic TECH

The duralight ™ Book Truck.

Click here to download a printable SPECS PDF.

The duralight ™ Book Truck.

We believe you should only have to worry about the weight of the contents, not the cart itself.

• Dent Resistant, Light as a feather!
• Our handles are wide, straight, and fixed at a comfortable height
• Easy to push and steer your cart back to check-in
• Designed with center casters for easy maneuvering with a tight turning radius 
• Reduces and prevents strain on the back and shoulders  
• Features an ergonomic height tailored to the average person for effortless pushing
• Caster wheels are non-marring, plate mounted, with ball bearings for smooth rolling operation

We Put Our Money Where Our Mouth is.

We put our Book Truck to the test!
Launching the Book Truck off our wherehouse ramp, you can see live how lightweight, strong and durable the new duralight BookTruck product responds under pressure.

Your Ergonomic solution to avoid Back Pain.
Innovative, Ergonomic, Intelligent Design.

The Ergo Powered Cart™

The Ergo Powered Cart™

Our EV Powered Carts provide convenient assistance to the user by effortlessly transporting heavy loads, reducing the physical effort required to move objects and enhancing efficiency. You simply steer. Less stress and fatigue on your back and shoulders.

Effortlessly move up to 600 pounds with ease
Easily maneuvers in narrow hallways
Agile when turning corners
Easily glides up & down ramps
• Move heavy loads - all by remote
• Corners & moves nicely across all surfaces

60 years of providing exceptional quality and security.

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