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Make drive-up deposits easier with the Ease Drive-Up ThruWall. This all-in-one, easy to install unit has an elongated depository so it’s easier to reach from inside of a vehicle. Click here to see all of the features.

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Ease Drive-Up ThruWall Features

Ease Means Easy to Install

This unit is pre-assembled in one piece making it easy to install. Simply cut a rectangular hole and install, just like a wall or window mounted AC unit. It really is that easy. See the specification tab for our installation instructions.

Sustainable Stainless Steel and Aluminum

This ThruWall has a stainless steel faceplate for a sleek look coupled with an aluminum body that will never rust. Our stainless steel faceplates are made of up to 90% recycled materials and the interior aluminum components are made of up to 85% recycled materials.

Elongated Depository

The depository hood of the Ease Drive-Up ThruWall extends 10.5 inches towards the curb too allow for easier access from the inside of a car.

Theft Deterrence

This unit has an upward depository angle to prevent someone from reaching inside and pulling materials out. We test all of our units to make sure that nothing sitting in your collection cart will be able to be reached.

Blocks air with AirBloc

This ThruWall comes with neoprene rubber panels that help prevent most outside air from entering the building when the depository flap is opened to deposit items. Materials slide through the panels and are slowed down before they fall into a collection bin to minimize the amount of damage to your materials. Please note: Lighter materials may have a difficult time getting past the AirBloc if they aren’t deposited with enough force. This may result in media and very light paperbacks getting stuck in the chute until retrieved or another larger item pushes it through.

Weather Sealed

The depository flap of the Ease Drive-Up opens upward and has spring hinges on the to automatically close the flap after use and keep it securely closed when not in use, even in most winds. The opening has seals on both sides and the bottom which should keep most weather outside of the building.

Standard Wording Options

This unit has the option of “BOOKS,” “MEDIA,” or “RETURNS” with the round universal library logo (see picture for reference). We will apply this as a vinyl decal in your choice of color at no extra charge or it can be silkscreened in black for an extra fee. You also have the option of custom vinyl wording up to a certain number of characters. Custom silkscreens require a custom quotation.

ADA Compliant

The Ease Drive-Up ThruWall is ADA compliant when properly installed. This unit allows for easy, one handed deposits without having to pull down a door. Simply push the item all the way through the depository flap. High contrast wording is available for those with low vision. We recommend sticking with black or blue for the best visibility. Braille labels are available in “Book Drop,” “Video Drop,” and “Payment Drop” to further help identify the purpose of your ThruWall.

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Weight 22.000000
Type ThruWall
Drop Single
Dimensions 22”W x 25 1⁄8”D x 20”H
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