The Jackson™ Retro Trash Drop System 21.75” W x 20.5” D x 40” H


System Includes Cart

Love the look of a retro trash can but worried it can't handle the elements? Look no further than the Jackson Retro Trash Drop! This bin combines classic good looks with modern functionality to keep your outdoor space tidy, whatever the weather. The Jackson™ was designed to be so versatile, it is also available in Trash AND Recyling models!

Product Dimensions 21.75” W x 20.5” D x 40” H
Material Aluminum
Special Features Retro Design, Small Footprint, Weather Resistant

About this item:
• Seamless Integration
• T-Handle Lock
• Durability Guaranteed
• Small Footprint
• Economical & Convenient
• Retro Design

Retro looks, modern performance: It's not just a pretty face! The Jackson™ trash drop is built to last. Revive the charm of yesteryears with our compact, retro-designed trash drop. Its small footprint maximizes space while evoking a timeless aesthetic. Say goodbye to clutter and hello to vintage elegance in any room. Upgrade now and experience the perfect fusion of style and efficiency.


Jackson Trash Exclusive Features

Retrostyling Convenience

Seamless Integration that not only enhances the aesthic retro appeal of your space but also improves efficiency and convenience.

Seemless Integration

This unit works in a singularly OR in a group with our Jackson TM Trash and Recycle Units.

T-Handle Lock

The door frame is securely welded in place with a hinged access door made of heavy duty gauge aluminum and comes with a durable industrial powder coated finish. With Kingsley® Single point locking system (opening side) coupled to a strong industrial grade T-Handle keyed lock that is virtually vandal proof. The T-Handle lock fights against extreme weather conditions, resists freezing, keeps dirt out and self-seals.

Liquid Drainage System

Water diverting depository keeps water from reaching the materials inside.

Weather Resistance

Weather resistance design to prevent leaking in adverse weather conditions such as rain, ice, snow, and dust. Raised bottom with a drain hole to shed water from inside.

Durability Guaranteed

Retrostyled for YOU- the Jacskson has durability that comes from 62 years of innovating depositories.

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Weight 26.000000
Dimensions 21.75” W x 20.5” D x 40” H
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