ColorWood Children’s Book House

Indoor Library Return


Our ColorWood Children’s Book House is the perfect addition to any children’s area. The house is orange with a red roof and features big, blue “books” decals on all four sides so it is easy to read and identify. The roof is split with a hinge to allow half of the roof to open so deposited books can be collected. This portion is kept secured with a keyed cam lock. The stationary half of the roof has a shelf to display books. A ½” thick felt pad covers the bottom to protect books as they fall.

Product ships 7-8 weeks from time of purchase.

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ColorWood Features

Durable and Easy to Clean

Our ColorWood line is made of melamine laminate that is scratch and stain resistant to hold up well to abuse even in high traffic areas. The inevitable dirt and grime buildup can be easily cleaned with a damp cloth. Don’t let that bother you too much either as our laminate has antibacterial properties to help prevent the spread of germs.

Bright Vivid Colors

Looking for something to match your existing library decor or school colors? We have a rainbow of colors to choose from to help you pick your perfect match. We also offer wood grains in three shades to give you additional options if you’d prefer more of a furniture look.

Wood Line Features

Sturdy Construction

Our wood lines are made with ¾” thick sides. This thickness gives it rigidity and allows it to hold up better to moisture and abuse than lighter weight substrates. We use high-quality, European hardware including hidden hinges as well as a brace for stability.

Metal ChipGuard

A single piece metal ChipGuard surrounds each depository opening to protect against wear and keep your wood unit from chipping so it says looking newer, longer.


All of our units come with a keyed cam lock to keep the cabinets and contents secure. The depository openings are also designed to keep hands and arms from reaching in to grab deposited materials.

Standard Decal Wording

Identify the purpose of your unit with our standard wording. Children’s book houses come with “books” vinyl decals already applied to all four sides.

ADA Compliant

All Kingsley woodline units are under 52” inches in height and are perfect for one-hand deposits. All units come standard with large, high contrast text and braille plates are available for purchase in your choice of wording.

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Type Indoor Library Return
Drop Single
Dimensions 29 1⁄2”W x 29 1⁄2”D x 35 1⁄4”H
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