60 DuraWood DualDrop

Indoor Library Return

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Looking for an all in one book and media solution? Try our 60 DuraWood Dual Drop Book and Media Return. These units are the same size as our standard 60 but are designed to be used with divided carts so you can accept books in one side and delicate media items in another. These carts can hold up to 220 standard size (6x9”) books and 400 jeweled media cases. These units are suited for presorting returns from lower circulation libraries. Click here to see all of the features.

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DuraWood Features

Beautiful furniture quality

All of our DuraWood book returns are constructed of ¾” plywood with a sturdy oak veneer. Each piece is stained in one of 3 colors and hand polished to ensure a quality finish on every unit.

Added Depository Chute

Our DuraWood line comes with a metal chute to help guide deposited materials into the unit better.

Hides dirt and pesky prints

The top of each non-rolling depository is covered in black textured paint which hides dust, dirt, and fingerprints to keep your unit looking new with minimal effort. Units also have a special antimicrobial coating to help stop the spread of germs.

Custom Staining Available

Need to match your existing furniture? We can stain your unit to match for an additional cost. Contact us to learn more.

Wood Line Features

Sturdy Construction

Our wood lines are made with ¾” thick sides. This thickness gives it rigidity and allows it to hold up better to moisture and abuse than lighter weight substrates. We use high-quality, European hardware including hidden hinges as well as a brace for stability.

Easily fits your space

Need your depository opening and cart access door on different sides? Not a problem. The top of the stationary wood units can be rotated 360͒ for custom access door placement (rolling units excluded). In addition, the cart access doors on these units open down the middle to take up less space when open than a single door configuration.

Metal ChipGuard

A single piece metal ChipGuard surrounds each depository opening to protect against wear and keep your wood unit from chipping so it says looking newer, longer.


All of our units come with a keyed cam lock to keep the cabinets and contents secure. Freestanding units with two doors have an additional latch to secure the left door and keep it from opening. The depository openings are also designed to keep hands and arms from reaching in to grab deposited materials.

Standard Decal Wording

Identify the purpose of your unit with our standard wording. Both “BOOKS” and “MEDIA” are silk screened below each of the depository openings.

ADA Compliant

All Kingsley woodline units are under 52” inches in height and are perfect for one-hand deposits. All units come standard with large, high contrast text and braille plates are available for purchase in your choice of wording.

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Weight 213.000000
Type Indoor Library Return
Model 60
Max Capacity 60 Dual 18.0 cubic feet (10.7 Book and 7.3 Media)
Item Capacity 220 Books and 400 Media
Drop Dual
Dimensions 39 1⁄2”W x 39 1⁄2”D x 51 1⁄4”H
Specifications View Specifications
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