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Is your book drop in a common location like your circulation or reference desks? Is it noisy and distracting? Reduce the noise and distraction with a CushionDrop cart. These carts are lined with an industrial-grade felt padding on all four walls of the cart to cushion and quiet the fall of materials. This lining sits snugly against the float tray to ensure that no small materials such as disks fall between the float tray and the side of the cart. It also serves as an excellent insulator to help regulate the temperature inside your outdoor 50 or 70 units and preserve book binding in extreme temperatures. This cart can hold up to 330 standard size (6 x 9”) books or 850 jeweled media cases. Click here to see all of the features.

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CushionDrop Features

Cushions falls and dampens noise

CushionDrop carts have additional thick, industrial-grade felt padding that lines the sides of the cart to help cushion materials and quiet falls in addition to insulating books in extreme temperatures. Great for public areas, electronic media, and outdoor units in freezing temperatures.

Cart Features

Light-weight, rust-free aluminum

All our carts are made of aluminum alloy that will never rust and are over 60% lighter than comparable steel or wood carts. We believe you should only have to worry about the weight of the contents, not the cart itself. Aluminum is more resistant to dents and dings so your carts won’t look beat up if you accidentally bump into something.

Natural Aluminum Finish

Our carts have a natural Aluminum finish which creates a durable surface, enhancing both its aesthetic appeal and structural integrity. Aluminum is light weight, dent-resistant, and will never rust to keep your cart looking shiny and new.

Push like a shopping cart

Our handles are wide, straight, and fixed at a comfortable height to make it easy to push and steer your cart back to check-in. Another advantage of having a fixed handle? It doesn’t bang against the side of the cart whenever something is deposited like a long u-shaped handle does.

Ergonomic loading and cushioning

Every cart includes a self-leveling float tray that lowers as materials are added and raises as they are removed. This keeps the tray at the optimal height for collecting returns and reduces damage done to your collection. Each float tray has a thick felt pad at the bottom to cushion the fall of the first materials that are deposited. This felt pad is water resistant. If liquid does intrude into your cart then you don’t need to worry about the pad retaining water or mold. By allowing collections to be deposited directly on top of the float tray, the cart has a greater max capacity than one with a collection bag that bunches up and takes up space that could otherwise be used for books or other media.

Stays in place with no extra noise

We added thick guide rods to keep your float tray from bending and warping from uneven distribution of materials. The tray stays perfectly in position from the time the first deposit is made to the time the last one is removed. You never have to worry about the tray bending enough to let materials slip through the sides. The guide rods have dampeners at either end to ensure a tight fit and help eliminate rattling and the overall noise of the cart is reduced.

Quality, easy to push casters

All four casters are plate mounted, non-marring, and are made of materials that resist abrasive surfaces such as asphalt and concrete. The two casters on the side with the handle are ball bearing swivel casters which make it easy to maneuver. These casters can also be locked to keep the cart firmly in place. The other two casters are fixed in place. Our casters start at 5” in diameter for High Capacity carts because we know that the larger the caster is, the easier it is to push with a full load.

More Information
Weight 39.000000
Type Cart
Model 50
Max Capacity 50 HC 11.9 cubic feet
Item Capacity 330 Books / 850 Media
Max Load 50 HC 400 lbs (181 kg)
Drop Single
Dimensions 25 7⁄16”W x 27 1⁄4”D x 38 1⁄4”H
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