CollectionPoint 38" Aluminum Rolling Collection Bin With Lid



Hold more with a 38" Aluminum Rolling Collection Bin With Lid from CollectionPoint. This bin boasts 17.5 cubic feet of material space and can hold up to 600 lbs. The aluminum construction makes the bin light-weight and easier to push with a full load while still being durable enough to hold up for years to come. This bin comes with a full length hinged lid that can be used to protect contents from the elements during transport, contain materials or contaminates, and as a cover for storing or quarantining items. Use these bins in 38" or 76" CollectionPoint depositories or as general material transport and storage in a warehouse. Click here to see all of the features. Please note: These bins do not include a float tray system.

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Lidded Cart Features

Weather and storage protection

These collection bins comes with a single flap hinged metal lid. Keep the flap at the side of the bin while you’re collecting returns in your outdoor depository unit. When you’re ready to remove your collections, pull the bin out, close the lid and your materials stay out of the elements and contained within the bin.

The lids are also perfect for when materials need to go into storage or quarantine.

Collection Bin Features

Light-weight, rust-free Aluminum

These CollectionPoint bins are made of aluminum alloy that will never rust and are over 60% lighter than comparable steel or wood carts. We believe you should only have to worry about the weight of the contents not the bin itself. Aluminum is also more resistant to dents and dings so your bins won’t look beat up when you bump into something on accident.

Natural Aluminum Finish

Our carts have a natural Aluminum finish which creates a durable surface, enhancing both its aesthetic appeal and structural integrity. Aluminum is light weight, dent-resistant, and will never rust to keep your cart looking shiny and new.

Quality, easy to push casters

All four casters are plate mounted, non-marring, and are made of materials that resist abrasive surfaces such as asphalt and concrete. The two casters on the side with the handle are ball bearing swivel casters which make it easy to maneuver. These casters can also be locked to keep the cart firmly in place. The other two casters are fixed in place. Our casters start at 5” in diameter for High Capacity carts because we know that the larger the caster is, the easier it is to push with a full load.

More Information
Weight 47.000000
Type Cart
Max Capacity 60 HC 17.5 cubic feet
Max Load 60 all 600 lbs (272 kg)
Drop Single
Dimensions 31 9⁄16”W x 31 5⁄16”D x 38 3⁄8”H
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